Today was… a nice couple of days.

Saturday was the day I got my closest partner on this trip.

My VSF Fahrrad Randonneur!

logo dourobike 7

A big thanks to Steffen and DouroBike for all the support.
Be sure to visit their shop and enjoy our beautiful seaside in a rented bike or simply grab a cup of coffee and have a good quality time!
You can also follow their Facebook or visit their Website.

Anyway… I had to make a proper bicycle debut!

So, the next day, I went for the longest ride until now!
It was a great test, since it covered the average daily mileage we estimate for our expedition.
The bicycle felt great! Smooth riding, with very comfortable leather saddle and handlebar tape.
Honestly, the only thing that really bothered me was getting used to the new bicycle saddle :-).

Length: 110Km
Cycling time: ~6:30:00
Average speed: ~17km/h
Cumulative elevation gain: 534m


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