Today was a hiking day

Saturday 14th was, as I like to call it, a hiking day. I managed to get some friends together and went to Mourô, a beautiful meadow in Peneda-Gerês National Park, the only national park in Portugal and one of the last places with wild wolves.

I shook the dust off of my backpack, packed a few liters of water, energy bars and homemade “panados” (breaded cutlet) for lunch and hit the road northwards. The hike we planned has quite a nice warm up ascend: a rocky trail that rises more than 200 meters in less than 1 Km. After a few more kilometers we are finally rewarded with one of the most beautiful natural scenery in Portugal :)

We had initially planned to keep on ascending up to 1400m. However, we came across a beautiful natural pool and since we were a little late on the schedule and under a scorching +30 degrees you can imagine the result: SPLASH!

Next time we will fulfill the initial plan and keep on searching for other inspiring, relaxing and beautiful natural places like these.


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