Today was a “Goodbye bike” day…

Another weekend gone by and another bicycle ride too.

This time, I met with a friend of mine in order to cover up some kilometres. However, we started riding a bit late, so in the end the mileage wasn’t that high. Nevertheless it was a nice ride in a pleasant travel time.

Hopefully, and regarding the headline, I’ll get my touring bike this week. Therefore, this was probably the last journey of my current bike «Ox» – from oxidized :)


In a nutshell, today’s ride was very windy and two thirds of our trip was wind faced, so it was a bit slow. The terrain was most of the time flat with a testing climb at the end. Once again, Strava measured some 20% or even 35% climbs (?), whatever… Other applications give me a Category 4 climb in the last 9 kilometers, with median 3% and a max 9%.

Length: 53.6Km
Cycling time: 3:42:11
Average speed: 14.5km/h
Cumulative elevation gain: 475m

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