Last ride in Porto


Today was my last ride in Porto before going back to Cambridge for three weeks until the adventure to starts. The bike that António Lisboa lent me was a 80’s portuguese hand-made beauty with Mavic rims and has been an awesome training partner in the last couple of weeks. Thank you!

The last ride was quite short with the heavy city traffic destroying my rhythm both on the approach and the return from the seaside. Not to be missed was the ever present Porto north wind making a rather flat coastal path feel like a endless climb. Nevertheless, I was reasonably happy with a 27+km/h average on the coastal ride with a 38.5km/h maximum.

Length: 22.0Km
Cycling time: 58:28
Average speed: 22.6km/h

[map lat=”41.165″ lon=”-8.67″  maptype=”HYBRID” z=”13″ kml=””]

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