Day 5 – Goodbye to Hokkaido

We got up quite early and decided to leave all of our cooking equipment and porridge with a nice fellow camper before heading to the seaside. That alone was 2 kilograms less we would be carrying and probably never using given the amazing food we can find here and the perfect, ever-present convenience stores for quick snacks.

The sky was looking much better despite still being covered in clouds. The first part of our journey was easy, following the road around Uchiura bay keeping Mt Komagatake as reference with the occasional light rain and head wind. The sea was absolutely gorgeous and the coast filled with small ocean scented fishing villages sadly lacking any children.


Cycling down Uchiura bay

We were feeling great as we started to climb from Mori to lake Konuma and decided to stop midway for a big bowl of Hokkaido Ramen. Here we were able to talk a bit longer with Jun, a strawhat cycling tourer we recognized as one of the many that had spent the night in Oshamambe. He too was heading to Hakodate as part of his holiday plan to circumcycle Hokkaido. He left as we were eating but we would soon meet him again and cycle a couple of miles together before a confusing multi-language goodbye filled with laughter.

Our last Hokkaido ramen

The hill was easily overcome and soon we were descending into Hakodate. It was so early and we were feeling so happy that we abandoned the main road and ventured through the back streets stealing smiles from old ladies and enthusiastic cheers from school kids in their uniforms as they walked home. Going downhill with our eyes wide open trying to absorb as much as possible as lifestyles and strange architectural designs gave us a rush of adrenaline that lasted all the way down to the main avenues of downtown Hakodate where we felt so strong we were racing cars to the next traffic light.

It was still too early for what we had planned but we decided to catch the ferry before nightfall to enjoy the views and arrive early at Aomori.


The skies as we left Hakodate

As the sun set we turned our attentions into writing the posts for the first days. It was good to look back at all the things that had happened in these first five days; many more than can ever be written and most of them just small discoveries within ourselves and minute changes of perception. I think we finally came to peace with our decision in day 4 and we were definitely excited to see what the next 24 days would bring us and how much we were still going to grow. I think we were both starting to realize how big this experience is really going to be.



Goodbye Hokkaido

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