Day 2 – Downwards

After the disappointing first day we knew that it would take some serious effort to finish Hokkaido in the planned 5 days. Basically at this point we had 538 km to do in 4 days and definitely the previously planned days could no longer be used.

We woke up at 5:30 am and started riding around 6:00 am with the mission of finding somewhere to have breakfast since the onigiri from yesterday’s afternoon were long gone. Our goal was no other than covering as much kilometres as we could before camping again. We also knew we had to head south so we decided to follow road 40 and then the 232 that we hoped would be flatter due to being on the seaside – not really.

We had lunch in Fujimi where we ordered some meat donburi that definitely looked like Porto style “bifanas”. I had two flies in my bowl which made Ivo quite jealous since he got none. On the bright side, they were fried.


Since we were quite happy with our progress we decided to take a short nap after lunch and then it was time to move again. Unfortunately the rest of the day was annoyingly hilly. No especially big or long ascents but we still managed to accumulate over 1000 metres of elevation gain. In the end we found ourselves in Obira’s camping ground after 154km and 8 hours and 28 minutes of cycling.

The camping ground was already closed by the time we got there but we decided to walk in anyways.


Day 2 was mainly about covering ground so we didn’t have much time for anything else. We noticed the slow change in environment from a natural park into a slightly more civilized seaside area but still miles away from what one imagines when Japan is mentioned. There are no robots or SEGA prize machines, only farmers and fishermen trying to survive and the occasional outlier attempt at creating something remotely touristic for the many bicycle and motorbike tourers.


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