Day 0 – Tokyo!


After a long day of being stuck on an uncomfortable airplane seat we finally arrived to Haneda. Guilherme slept a total of somewhere around 2 hours but I just couldn’t do it so I studied Japanese instead – I think it already proved useful. Despite the almost two days in a row with less than 6 hours of sleep we were both quite excited to go out and see a bit of Tokyo, but before we left our bikes in the airport lockers.

We met our kind host in Shibuya, Atsumi, and dropped the rest of our luggage there before heading out into a 30 degree super humid Tokyo. We started by Shibuya itself and the famous crossing before walking north to Harajuku. There Guilherme was very impressed by the locals and I could confirm that everything was the same as 6 years ago: healthy organized craziness of people that just want to be happy. Suddenly we found ourself in the posh Omote-Sando and, since it was already 6pm, we decided to head to Akihabara. After all, we are both quite into manga and electronics.

Akihabara was crazy as usual and territory for some new experiences. I took a couple of shots using a 10.000€ 600mm prime lens, we met a Super Saiyan, saw some insane skill by some arcade lunatics, played on SEGA prize machines (I got one!) and wondered around floors and floors of manga filled rooms and potential digital wives.

Next, even though we were already falling asleep in the trains (literally) we mustered the forces to go to Shinjuku and walk around for a hour or so before going back to Shibuya and finally to bed.

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