Cycling around Cambridge

I decided to go for a ride to St. Ives this morning. It is a route I’ve done before so I managed to keep a reasonably constant and relaxed pace finishing the 49.2km in less than two hours in my single speed bike. I am really curious how I will cope with a fully loaded expedition bike and some serious hills ā€“ Cambridge is basically flat.

Anyway, it was a good short session and I felt quite happy with how fresh I was after cycling one third of one of the longest days we’ll be doing in Japan. Obviously it won’t be done in this light bike nor in such flat conditions but… I still have some time to train!

Length: 49.2km
Cycling time: 1:58:24
Average Speed: 24.93km/h


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  1. Judite Pinto says:

    Que bom aspecto… Como gostava de estar aĆ­….

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