Crediamo in te, bici!

I got back to Cambridge to find a day of awesome weather and a big box waiting from me. My Cinelli made a safe trip directly from Milan and I was ready to take a look at her so I ended up spending the rest of the morning assembling her:


The big box ready to be open


At least the gear cables and shifters came assembled!


A small surprise: a cinelli hobo moleskine


The other parts waiting to be used


Starting to look like a bicycle



Front wheel and brakes are ready


Cinelli AVS gel pads, another goody I was not expecting

And finally with the tape on the handlebars.

I didn’t fit the front rack on purpose since I’m still deciding on whether I am going to use it or not. Anyway, the bicycle feels really good and I am quite a proud owner. The goal now is to put in as many kilometres as possible before the final check-up and departure.

As a final note: I am quite glad that I had to build the bike up as I now feel a lot more confident to tackle any mechanical problem and I know which tools I will really need in Japan.

Crediamo in te, bici!

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